Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink, Lace, and Frills with lots and lots of GLITTER!

Emi Rose turns 5 tomorrow. I can't believe that time has flown by so fast and that my youngest child is now 5!!!I wanted to make a quick slide with a few of my favorite birthday girl memories and it ended up huge. I don't know how to pick and choose very well because all of them are my favorite.
I get so emotional as I looked back at all the fun things that we have done as a little family with this precious little girl that is ours. She has been so much fun - ALL GIRL, and pink, and princess and frills! Exactly like the little girl I always dreamed of having as I grew up. It also made me very baby hungry :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who Rules this Roost?

"Who Yah, Dat what I'm talkin' bout. . ." is what I heard as Sam presented his latest project to me. "Now ya know."
I think we are going to have to bring this 6 year old back to reality:-) I realized that he was starting to read and write in Kindergarten but the new vocabulary was a surprise.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

While You Were Out. . . I went a little crazy.

This is my latest project almost finished! A few years ago when I was in and out of the radiology lab on a regular basis getting xrays, CTscans, MRIs and my PTscan I fell in love with a series of flower xrays hanging as artwork on the wall. They are incredible and when you look up close they look like a fine pencil drawing. The lines are amazing!!! In some of them you could even see the seeds.
Then, a couple of weeks ago I was beyond excited to find them for 75% off at Joannes! I bought them with my birthday money and decided they would be perfect in our bedroom. I have always done cute things with the kids rooms but I never seemed to get around to ours. So for the first time in almost 10 years of marriage our walls are no longer white.
I decided to do a "while you were out" for Danny. I spent a couple of weeks (respending my birthday money a couple of times:-)) collecting pillows, sheets, the comforter, sewing the curtains, choosing the paint colors and then stashing it all in my closet. Thursday morning when Danny got up for work I got started. My friend Jessica Larsen helped me out with picking up Emily from school and watching her until I picked up Sam from school. I wasn't able to get all of it done before Danny got home that night but all painting except the second coat on the trim was done. It was really fun to suprise him and he seemed to really appreciate it and is enjoying it as much as I am. I still have to get new knobs for the shutters on our windows and I want to save up for lamps and a chocolate leather chair for the corner for reading and for Danny to sit on when he plays his guitars. (Got to book more Pampered Chef shows, I think that I have spent all my birhtday money too many times to use that excuse again:-)

Bubbly is currently Emily's and my favorite song! If you look closely you will see that Danny still has his nightstand full of yoyos, rubik's cubes and other various toys.