Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Picture Preview

I am SOOOOOOO super excited!!! We got family pictures this last weekend and our amazing photographer Ashlee just posted a little preview. http://ashspassion.blogspot.com/
You should check them out.

I stressed out because I really wanted the fall colors and it has rained and rained and then poor Ashlee ended up having an emergency surgery. She was only a week out of the hospital when she took these.

It rained the whole day before the pictures and the morning of was cold, wet, windy and threatening more rain but it held off. I think all of my prayers, and the extra effort I made to be nice under stress to my family paid off:)

Can you believe I get to LIVE here? This year has been especially gorgeous, or maybe I feel that way every fall:)

P.S. I did iron Emily's skirt that morning but somewhere between home, the car seat and picture time it didn't matter. lol.