Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reflecting WOW!!!

Sam's Pirate Ship of WOW!!!

The National PTA Reflections program is awesome. Every year PTA Reflections puts out a new theme and children around the country write, sing, dance, photograph, paint, draw and create projects. The projects become part of a local district show where winners are selected in each category to go on to the state show. In our case that is Columbus. From there the winners move on to Washington D.C.

I was asked to help with the effort at our school this particular year and so of course my kids participated and loved it.

The night of the show, in the lobby of a local medical center, we got to go and see the artwork on exhibit, hang out with friends and enjoy some refreshments.
Emily's Red Bird of Wow.

Sam's a winner and it is going to COLUMBUS!
Emily was excited to see her artwork but was not so excited when she realized Sam's got a blue ribbon and hers did not. Ahhh, such is life and she got over it :)
So Em, how do you REALLY feel about it? LOL
Our friend Isaiah was there.
Justina too!!!

And Micah from Kindergarten. Soooo exciting!!!

A Boy, His Friends, and Their Light Sabers

January 2, 2009

Looking back at pictures of Sam's first sleepover I remember there being A LOT more boys. I guess there were only 5 and a little sister but it seemed like more.

Sam had decided that he was ready for a party and a chance for his friends to come over and play the wii and his lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games that Santa had delivered that Christmas.

So we armed ourselves with pizza ingredients, juice, grapes, carrots, cookies, the new Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD and a few working lightsabers that I had picked up at Walmart after Halloween for a whole $1.47. We were prepared!!!

Jeremy even had his suit!!!
Isaiah Waiters
Wesley Hatch
Gage Manning
Clone Wars became a play along movie. How can 7 year old boys sit through that when they have a lightsaber in their hands?

Wii Zombies


Even with a little sister :)

Celebrating a Mess - New Years

My kids love a good mess and we always do a good job of it for the New Year. Nothing like load poppers that spray confetti across the room.
To say goodbye to 2008 we had friends over to eat soup - Chicken Chowder and Tomato Artichoke - play some games of the board and wii kind and drink sparkling apple bubbly when the ball dropped. The Smith and Daouk kids didn't make it much past nine but the Flinders and Huangs stuck it out for the long haul.
The camera didn't make an appearance until after midnights so you will only be seeing the night owls.

The kids are crouched over the heat vents on our floor adding streamers and confetti that would blow back up in their faces.

Sam Flinders

Allison and Elise Flinders

Matthew Huang

Sam was just mostly interested in the wii. Hence the zombie face.

The Year of Vista - When My Computer Got Snooty

A YEAR IN REVIEW - This may be a long process and you are welcome to quit reading at anytime. I just thought I would get back at my conceited computer with its stuck up and temperamental processor that REFUSED to acknowledge my Christmas present from last year. Who knew it would be prejudice toward a simple cyber-shot point and shoot?
Here goes . . .

P.S. I don't blog well without pictures.