Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry about my Playlist

I have had a playlist on my blog for way over a year. I put it up and have basically ignored it ever since. Just today I opened my blog and there was a VERY OFFENSIVE announcement on it. I think someone hacked it. I have tried to log in and change or remove my list and even with a new password they emailed to me I CAN NOT log in.
I am sooo sorry if you have had to hear that. If you hear a womans voice saying, "Attention Customer" close your screen.

Sorry about that. I have written support services.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Mayhem Then

So March of 2009 marked a milestone in my life. I had the first birthday where I really didn't care to let people know how old I was. This "how old I was" put me in a new catagory for surveys, a new catagory with the O.B. if I decided to have another child and then just one day after this said birthday I was closer to 40 then 30. I didn't like it. I DID like the card and headphones I got from my hubby and kids, the gorgeous tulips from my sisters, the cards and checks from family and all the wishes I got on Facebook for the first time. So I guess it wasn't all that bad :)

In the middle of March we had a day off from school and decided to take a road trip with the Smiths and Larsens to the Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To keep kids together during group down time we decided to shelve them but didn't worry about alphabetization.

Camille and Sam shelf life 5 and 7 years.

Jenny, Spencer and Austin, shelf life 7,7 and just short of 1.

They all took a spin in the Earthquake Cafe. They got to choose a button that would serve up an earthquake the same strength of one that had occured earlier in history (i.e. Chile 7.1)
My kids loved building a capsule to encase an egg that was then strapped to the top of a car of their choosing and sent hurdling down a ramp.

Emily was so excited unknowingly celebrating the demise of her little oval friend.

Sam was a little more generous with his layering of bubble wrap, tape, foam, tape, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, tape, tape, and tape and his little eggbert lived to thank him.

We ended a long, fun day at Steak and Shake.

And just a silly random, Sam the Storm Trooper.

February's Blurbs

I loved 100s day as a teacher and I have loved it with my kids. Here is Emily's first 100s day project. She showed her passion for the breakfast of cold cereal that she shares with her Daddy every morning by counting out 100 pieces of cereal and used lots of glue for the milk. Sam's projects (missing pictures) were 100 Lego spaceships the first year and 100 handcrafted aluminum foil action figures he lovingly calls "creation pods" the second.

Feeding Chickadees with the Girl Scouts at one of Cleveland's fabu Metro Parks Nature Centers.

If you put food in your hands and hold really, really still you may find a tiny feathered friend.

And then you can sit back and chat with girlfriends for a little while.

Sam loved Karate and the new suit!!!