Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Day of School

This is Sam on his first day of Kindergarten. He looked soooo big and felt soooo nervous. All morning he was being grumpy and snappy at everyone. I gave him a hug and told him it was a special day and that I wanted him to be happy not sad and grumpy. He got tears in his eyes and said, "I know but I am just so nervous." That is the only time I cried that morning. I hadn't even noticed before he told me, but now that I look back at all the pictures you can see that he was worried and I must have been blind. He is usually a happy go lucky kid and went through the door and never looked back when he went to nursery and preschool so it kind of surprised me.

Things got better as he actually got to the school and saw that a little friend from church was in his class. Gage is sitting on his left. It was funny because I was one of a whole group of mothers bustling around trying to help the kids settle in. When Mrs. Bell finally walked the kids into the classroom we kind of hung around and peeked in the door for a couple of minutes before we could bring ourselves to actually leave. All day long, (Kindergarten if full day here,) I kept wishing that I could be a fly on the wall.
Emily also went back to preschool that morning but she only stayed for an hour. When we were walking hand in hand towards are van she asked, "Where's Sam?" There was a really big empty feeling and I think she felt it too. So, we picked up a friend whose baby started Kindergarten that day also and went on an impromptu shopping/lunch trip to Aurora Farms, the outlet mall. We got so distracted that we were almost late in picking them up.
He was all smiles when I picked him up. I asked him how it went and he said, "Great, but I don't know how to read yet." I told him before hand that he would learn to read in Kindergarten and I guess he thought it would happen as soon as he walked in the door.:-)


Hatsuho said...

yay, I get the first comment! Your kids are so cute and I'm excited to see updates on your blog!

Jake and Nicole said...

I'm so excited you started a blog! Now don't get too good at this or I'll want to erase mine! ;) Your kids are so big now and darling! We miss you guys!