Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday, September 11

Tagged by Hatsuho

I usually: am thinking about Everything I really need to get done and then doing other things that are not at all related to that list.
I search: for fun human interaction.
I wonder: what life would really be like if I actually ever catch up with ALL I need to get done.
I regret: not saying sorry to a couple of people in college when I thought it was a trivial matter that ended up being huge for them.
I love: my family and being with them.
I care: about how things look and making things beautiful.
I always: talk too much!
I worry: about my kids being strong in the gospel and making good choices. I worry about my curious 7 year old boy and how to answer the questions that he asks and doesn't ask about the bird and the bees.
I am not: motivated to catch up on all the projects I have to do in my house but really want them done.
I remember: everything and it drives me crazy to sit through meetings and come to a decision and then have it come up again later, no one but me remember what we had previously agreed on and then come to a different consensus. I like to be able to count on a decision.
I believe: that there would be world peace if mothers were in charge.
I dance: with my kids all over the house.
I sing: all the time especially when I am with my sisters! Every time I get in a car I want to burst into song. I sing really loud obnoxious opera with my kids.
I don't always: feel very confident anymore.
I argue: back. I usually let things go until someone is outwardly upset with me.
I write: not enough. It is not my favorite thing to do. I would rather create in pictures and visuals.
I win: at a lot of games I play, especially when it is not a game of chance but where you have control through choices. I think because I can be ditsy/distracted people don't always expect me to be conniving/smart.
I lose: lots of hair.
I wish: I remembered to be more of service to others. I always get so busy with fluff that I forget to look beyond the people that I run into on a regular basis.
I listen: to everything. I probably evesdrop too much. My friends in high school used to call me rabbit ears and would have me tune into distant conversations to find out things for them. I know it is bad but I have learned a lot of great things and ideas from people I admire. Like how to make a really moist chocolate cake.
I don't understand: how people can purposefully hurt each other physically, emotionally, financially.
I can usually be found: talking.
I am scared of: something happening to my kids or something happening to me so I wouldn't be able to share their lives with them.
I need: to get my body and house in shape.
I am happy: almost always.


Brandon and Carly said...

I absolutely LOVE reading new things about people. Some people get bugged about tagging - - but I think it is great! I just got to learn a lot about you. Things that you probably wouldn't share on a normal basis! Thanks so much for doing it! I miss you . . . . .

The Campbell's said...

Sarah, I loved reading you post. I thought I knew you pretty well but I am continuing to learn more. I love it.