Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spinning a Yarn

Danny is a curious guy. His brain never stops, he has a lot of interests and he is always learning something new. When he is researching a new interest he does it at full throttle. I like to refer to these periods as his phases.
We have seen the psychology and architecture phase when he was in grad school and we had a couple of friend studying those subjects. We have seen the gardening phase accompanied by the photography phase where we got some great scans and pictures of flowers and stunted veggies that didn't grow so well in our ultra hard, clay soil. We saw the drawing phase, the bluegrass phase, and the fishing phase. The biking phase lasted a couple of years and culminated in a 200+ mile trip across the state of Ohio. We are still going through the yo yo phase, which has probably moved beyond the phase category into that of an obsession. We are also deep into the Italian Polka phase, being that he belongs to a band that rehearses weekly and plays weddings as well as an occasional gig at the Italian Bocce Club with accordions and all. (Mediterranean version of the country club where a Bocce ball is the equivalent of the golf ball.)
The latest interest to surface is knitting and crocheting. You will be able to see from the parade of pictures that follow just how extensive this phase is. He has even made his own knitting needles.:) I love this guy!!!

Did I mention that this has only been going on for a couple of weeks.


The JL McGregor Family said...

This is awesome! And he just started a few weeks ago? Does that mean he just learned? I tried to make Joe a scarf a few years ago. I had to unravel it a few times because my stitches weren't consistent (it started out huge and kept getting skinnier and skinnier). I gave up. What a talented husband you have... you are a family of many talents!

Beth said...

Correct the younger sister if she's wrong, but I believe the first knitting project was years ago... and our next door neighbor provided instruction and finished the project with/for him.

I am particularly interested in the the blue hat with the variagated yarn near the bottom. Did you use circulars or double points? wool or acrylic? Can you teach me? I'd like to make a hat. Do you have any cool yarn stores in Cleveland?

This post merits a phone call . . . . Great one Sarah! Love it. Funny to hear about the phases. What instrument does he play in the Italian polka band?

bcharrington said...

Wow he is talented. I wish I dould learn too.