Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello, anybody out there?

Yes we are still alive, healthy and crazy as ever. I know I am a blog slacker and have heard it from many of you, but our computer has a personality conflict going on with our new camera and refuses to acknowledge it in any form. Grrrrrr.
I know that it is actually possible to post without a picture but how fun is that? I get my inspiration from those many pixels of joy and can't seem to make myself move beyond it. So here is a nice random shot of the bumper of my car from when the 82 year old woman decided she didn't want to turn right onto the interstate and instead proceeded to drive straight into me as I made my right turn.

Its okay though, she saved me a $250 deductible from when I caught the corner of a railroad tie with the otherside side and I got a beautiful shiny bumper out of it.
Maybe soon we will back up all of our data, kill our computer and start from scratch. Alas, that is the advice that HP finally gave us after hours of support calls. Gotta love Windows Vista!


Ammie said...

Oh... that crash sounds... nice. I'm glad you are okay, because even if you get new car parts, you still had to invest your energies in getting them. :)

Yeah, I don't love Vista either. It's working okay for us, but we had to pull our other printer out of storage to print more than one line per document!

P.S. Your comment on my nicely seasoned baking stone means a lot coming from Miss Pampered Chef Queen! Thanks!

Beth said...

Welcome back to blog world. It's nice to hear your voice. Glad that accident wasn't worse.

Dalyce said...

I'm glad your car situation worked out. I think computers need to be less expensive so we can replace them every few years. Our desktop is so slow and we don't want to reformat the harddrive again! Can't count how many times.

So 1 of the yw leaders here told me to watch out b/c they are looking for a girls camp leader for our ward. and I thought I was in the clear this year...
hope i still am in the clear but time will tell.
when is yours?

Liesl said...

It's fun to hear from you again. I hope you get your camera and computer on friendly terms again so we can see some more pics of your cute kids. :)