Saturday, September 26, 2009

Future Director - I Love My Son's Mind!!!

Sam wants to grow up to be just like George Lucas. When he was 5 he let us know he didn't think it was fair that George Lucas thought of Star Wars first. That's okay though because he has his own line of action figures, The Creation Pods, that are all made out of aluminum foil. He is planning on directing Creation Pod movies and including 2 peices of aluminum foil in each DVD of 100 episodes.
Bionicles are also cool as you will see in the following self directed movie. I hope it doesn't make you sea sick.
Yes my boy is cute and yes he is dirty. I need to throw him in the tub.

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HeatherC said...

Sam is quite thorough - he's already thinking of how to market his product with previews and bonus aluminum foil. I am thoroughly amused. Thanks for sharing!