Saturday, March 13, 2010

February's Blurbs

I loved 100s day as a teacher and I have loved it with my kids. Here is Emily's first 100s day project. She showed her passion for the breakfast of cold cereal that she shares with her Daddy every morning by counting out 100 pieces of cereal and used lots of glue for the milk. Sam's projects (missing pictures) were 100 Lego spaceships the first year and 100 handcrafted aluminum foil action figures he lovingly calls "creation pods" the second.

Feeding Chickadees with the Girl Scouts at one of Cleveland's fabu Metro Parks Nature Centers.

If you put food in your hands and hold really, really still you may find a tiny feathered friend.

And then you can sit back and chat with girlfriends for a little while.

Sam loved Karate and the new suit!!!


Beth said...

Bryn chose cereal for her 100's collection, also, but we just wrote "100" with them.

Very creative!

Ashlee and Shane said...

karate! that so reminds me of my older brother at that age!! he was in karate and got to his brown belt, i believe...or black, i can't remember. i took it for awhile, BUT i wasn't TOUGH enough to be in it! It is fun for boys though! :) FUN!