Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lake Farm Parks

I don't know why this title makes me laugh but that night we were the Lake Farm Parks at Lake Farm Parks. The Country Lights Event that the farm puts on during the holidays are awesome. There are lights in the forms of all kinds of winter creatures that line the long, winding drive that are magical. Once there your ticket designates a time for a ride across the countryside behind two massive, amazing horses, where there are more lights that come on and off to illustrate nursery rhymes. The air is filled with the smell of roasting cinnamon almonds, cashews and living cows :-)

See how much fun we had waiting in freezing rain for our turn to see the lights.
There are lots of other activities indoors to warm the soul. My kids favorites were talking to Santa (this one WAS the real one - lucky us!) and the elf workshop where every child gets to pick out and build a toy with the help of an elf. First they choose it, then they build it, then they paint, glitter and wrap. Sam built a tank and Emily built a gingerbread house. I was with Emily in the workshop so I got way more pictures of her.
We missed the Nutcracker horse show because the roads were awful that night and it took us twice as long to get there. We were actually lucky to get home safely considering the ice storm that was going on and freezing the roads as we happily painted blocks of wood.

This is Emily making a candy cane.
Recipe: Two pipe cleaners- 1 white, 1 red.
One cordless power drill to clamp down on the ends of the pipe cleaners.
One Elf to help you practice starting and stopping the above mentioned power drill and to hold the other end of the pipe cleaners.
One happy trigger finger that knows how to listen to the above mentioned elf.
One cute munchkin with a happy, trigger finger.


Beth said...

Great post!

Poor Emily waiting in the rain. I can relate to faces like that.

The candy cane recipe is very creative . . . thanks for sharing!

Brandon and Carly said...

Elizebeth and I miss that cleveland Christmas tradition! Your kids are so cute!