Saturday, January 31, 2009


I don't know why I had such a hard time letting go of the holidays this year. But alas, it is time to wrap them up in a tidy bow, blog a little about them and move on to February. Yeah, it has taken me that long to move on (though my decorations have been packed away for weeks.)
Our church Christmas party this year was on the streets of Bethlehem. I didn't take any pictures of the event but I did get some pictures of my kids before we headed out the door.

I am sure that there was pocka dots in ancient Bethlehem:-)

Sam was silly in these pictures. I think he remembered the photoshoot that he goes through every Christmas season where I try to get the perfect picture. In particular he thinks he is reinacting the nativity we did when he was 3 and emi was 18 months.
When we got there we were all given a bag of gold to pay taxes and to purchase our dinner. It was great: Beef roast and Ham (he he), curry lentil salad, fresh pita from a middle eastern store, olives, hummus, grapes, oranges, cheese and potluck desserts. I made my first Baklava and it was awesome and unbelievably easy.

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