Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reflecting WOW!!!

Sam's Pirate Ship of WOW!!!

The National PTA Reflections program is awesome. Every year PTA Reflections puts out a new theme and children around the country write, sing, dance, photograph, paint, draw and create projects. The projects become part of a local district show where winners are selected in each category to go on to the state show. In our case that is Columbus. From there the winners move on to Washington D.C.

I was asked to help with the effort at our school this particular year and so of course my kids participated and loved it.

The night of the show, in the lobby of a local medical center, we got to go and see the artwork on exhibit, hang out with friends and enjoy some refreshments.
Emily's Red Bird of Wow.

Sam's a winner and it is going to COLUMBUS!
Emily was excited to see her artwork but was not so excited when she realized Sam's got a blue ribbon and hers did not. Ahhh, such is life and she got over it :)
So Em, how do you REALLY feel about it? LOL
Our friend Isaiah was there.
Justina too!!!

And Micah from Kindergarten. Soooo exciting!!!


Ammie said...

Congrats Sam & Emmy! (I love the pouty face--lol.) Your pictures are vibrant!

Ashlee and Shane said...

oh my gosh, seriously, Sam looks a ton like my older brother did at that age!! sooooo weird!!