Saturday, May 8, 2010

It is ALL Good but the NUMBER. . .

So another birthday came and went. The kids were cute. Danny was cute.

Love all the cards and birthday wishes.

Love my Rug and crystal light.
Love my clock.

And you've got to love all the bedhead pictures.
The number that is now mine? Not so much :)

It is hard to admit I have entered a new category on surveys. Why is it that they have to make you go from being grouped with the 20 year olds to being grouped with the 50s? Not that there is anything wrong with the 50s. I'm just not ready to go there myself:)


D.Suth. said...


Ammie said...

Happy Birthday to you and Emily both. And, um, I don't group you with 50 year olds. Not at all. There is a lot in between 20 and 50, like kids at home, for starters. ;)