Saturday, May 8, 2010


WARNING: If you don't deal well with wounds you might want to skip this.
The last Wednesday of April Emily was playing in our neighbor's yard with her little friends and I called her home to come with me to drop a meal off to a friend who just had a new baby. Emily left a blanket in the neighbor's yard when she came with me and ran across the street to get it when we returned home.
What we didn't know is that when she left the neighbor took his kids inside and put their aggressive, VERY protective dog outside.
Em bent down to get her blanket and then looked up to see a large shepherd mix coming at her face. She quickly stood up and tried to run away but just wasn't quite fast enough. Little Bear got a pretty big bite of her leg.
She came home completely frantic and we quickly took her to an urgent care. Normally they would have liked to have stitched it but since it was a bite they had to leave it open in case of infection.
We had to visit our pediatrician twice more that week so they could keep an eye on it and the health department made a visit to keep an eye on the dog that was not current with its rabies shots. The girl seems healthy and so does the dog.
The pediatrician originally wanted us to see a plastic surgeon but by Saturday it had closed by itself beautifully.
She was pretty traumatized at first but has since loved on several other friendly neighborhood dogs. Here's hoping she continues to not be too scared.


Jenn said...

Sarah, this is so scary! I'm so glad that she's okay. I hope she will get over such a traumatic event, because you know what happened to Mom.

Have you spoken to the owner? Are they going to reimburse you? I think at the very LEAST they should. I know there aren't always responsible pet owners out there, but as someone who loves and haves pets, I am willing to assume this responsibility should it ever become an issue. I'm so glad she's okay.

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