Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 4th!

We had a very fun but busy 4th of July.Our camera is having some trouble so we didn't actually take any pictures of our own. A couple of friends took some for me so hopefully I will be posting some of those soon. We started out at a pancake breakfast at our church, then we went to a parade in Chesterland. Next we hosted a few friends for a BBQ at Squires Castle, where I enjoyed a nice game of Bocce while Danny kept an eye on the kids . . .Click here to see how that went! and here!
Sam, Emily and our little friend Tanni had a blast in the mud. But this wasn't just any mud. This was mud made from the fine dirt of a baseball field that is actually more like really wet clay. Agh! Danny took Sam up to a spicket and Jason, Tanni's dad, ended up finding some nice people with a funny bus/trailer/spaceship built in the late 40's that had a hose and were willing to share it. We sprayed the girls down with freezing water and then we took them home to fill our tub with the fine silt.
We finished cleaning them up just in time to go see fireworks.
I love the Fourth of July!!!

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Janine said...

Okay, so this has nothing to do with your 4th of July post, but I had to say it somewhere, and this was as good as anywhere else, I guess. I have been on your blog listening to "Independent Love Song," and it is just making me smile SO much at all the fun memories it brings to mind. All those times dancing around the apartment on Fetterman to that song...SO MUCH FUN!!!

Thanks for having it on there and making my whole day!!! =)