Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kelley's Island

We took our second annual trip to Kelly's Island the weekend of June 20th and had a blast. We joined 7 other families from Danny's office for a weekend of swimming, fishing, music, rain and bugs. Some of the families left a day early when their tents and all of the contents of them got soaked during a 3 hour rainstorm. We were lucky and tough and stuck it out.

Kelly's Island is a quaint little tourist community out on Lake Erie. We took our van across on the ferry and then drove to the State Park campground.

We had a little friend that joined us as we were packing up. We think that it was a baby Robin or Red winged Blackbird. We couldn't tell for sure because there was an adult bird of each species hanging out acting concerned about their baby (or lunch.) The little guy is sitting on the picnic table and is kind of camouflaged.
We are definitely going back next year and highly recommend it. The campground is clean and well cared for with great views, a nice playground and an awesome beach where the water isn't too deep and there are no big waves like you get on most of the other Lake Erie beaches we have been to.

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