Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrating a Mess - New Years

My kids love a good mess and we always do a good job of it for the New Year. Nothing like load poppers that spray confetti across the room.
To say goodbye to 2008 we had friends over to eat soup - Chicken Chowder and Tomato Artichoke - play some games of the board and wii kind and drink sparkling apple bubbly when the ball dropped. The Smith and Daouk kids didn't make it much past nine but the Flinders and Huangs stuck it out for the long haul.
The camera didn't make an appearance until after midnights so you will only be seeing the night owls.

The kids are crouched over the heat vents on our floor adding streamers and confetti that would blow back up in their faces.

Sam Flinders

Allison and Elise Flinders

Matthew Huang

Sam was just mostly interested in the wii. Hence the zombie face.

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