Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Boy, His Friends, and Their Light Sabers

January 2, 2009

Looking back at pictures of Sam's first sleepover I remember there being A LOT more boys. I guess there were only 5 and a little sister but it seemed like more.

Sam had decided that he was ready for a party and a chance for his friends to come over and play the wii and his lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games that Santa had delivered that Christmas.

So we armed ourselves with pizza ingredients, juice, grapes, carrots, cookies, the new Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD and a few working lightsabers that I had picked up at Walmart after Halloween for a whole $1.47. We were prepared!!!

Jeremy even had his suit!!!
Isaiah Waiters
Wesley Hatch
Gage Manning
Clone Wars became a play along movie. How can 7 year old boys sit through that when they have a lightsaber in their hands?

Wii Zombies


Even with a little sister :)

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