Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Lost Stone of Inguania?

Sam's and Emily's imaginations never cease to amaze me. This afternoon as I was reading the last couple of pages of "The Scarlet Letter," (which I just finished for the first time, not sure how I got through high school without it being required.) I could hear lots of busy kid noises in the other room but I really wasn't paying attention to what they were doing until I heard Emily in an excited and very dramatic voice that could have come straight from a Disney adventure film,"Sam, I just found the lost stone of Inguania, in my closet. I'm serious. That is the land of the Penguins and the land where my friend Pengi lives. Hurry come see."
Sam: "I see. Now hurry we must create a protection for ourselves. We need a bigger tank to hold the potion."

(Mom enters stage right to discover almost every cushion, pillow and lightsaber, made of pool noodles and duct tape, that exist in the house crafted together into a barricade on the stairs.

Her darling and courageous daughter stands on the side of the tub mixing the potion, that is sure to protect them all, in the bathroom sink with a drum mallet. She takes an occasional sample with a small clear glass.

The heroic Sam is striped and ready to immerse himself in the larger tank of potion -the tub.

I stopped Sam from filling the tub and made him get dressed and then headed for my camera. (It was cute but I didn't want to deal with the mess that was sure to come when the larger tank of potion made its way to my bathroom floor.)
I am actually surprised they had any energy left after our crazy day.
9:00 Sam's baseball practice
10:30 Emily's baseball uniform pickup and pictures
11:30 Sam's soccer game
12:30 Emily's soccer game
1:00 Sam's baseball uniform pickup and pictures
1:30 Sam went grocery shopping with Mom and Emi went to the office with Daddy!
3:30 I took a nap!


Hatsuho said...

wouldn't children make the best book authors?

Jessica said...

Incredible energy and imaginations. How did you like the Scarlet Letter?