Thursday, May 22, 2008

Now Hiring!

I just had to post the incredible deal that Pampered Chef is offering for any of you that are fans and might want to join my team or just want to stock your kitchen with some of the best kitchen/entertaining products on the market FOR FREE!
In the picture above you can see the starter kit with over $500 in product/paperwork that you get for $155 and for doing 4 shows. (That includes catalog shows.)

If you sign up to become a consultant in May you can get an extra $400+ in free product of your choice!!!
Here is how it works:
*For every 4 shows you do in your first month you get $100 Pampered Chef Dollars to spend on anything you want. (8=$200 12=$300, etc.)
+For every $1250 in sales that you turn in you get another $100 PC dollars.
+Just for doing 4 shows in your first month you get another $100 PC dollars.
+June is Sale-a-thon month so just for having 2 shows you will earn one of the new Fall Products.
+If you turn in $1500 in sales for June you earn a lot of the new Fall Product. (easy with 4 shows!)
+If you turn in $3000 in sales you earn all of the new Fall Product! (it takes me about 6 shows for this level.)
NOT TO MENTION YOU GET A PAYCHECK! ($330 cash if you sell $1500.)

I love that Pampered Chef gives you the option of just trying out the business. If you do your first four shows and realize it is not for you, you're done and you get to keep all of your product and your paycheck. If you are like me and are instantly addicted you can keep earning a great paycheck for going to peoples parties. To all of you who say, "But I am not a salesperson!", it sells itself. All you do is start asking people what their favorite product is and they get excited and start selling it to everyone else at the show.
During your second and third month with the company you can continue to earn Pampered Chef dollars. $50 for every 4 shows and $50 for every $1250 in sales. Plus $50 for every consultant that joins your team. AND OF COURSE A PAYCHECK!!!

I have been selling Pampered Chef for 1 1/2 years and love it and can't believe I get paid on average $30-$50 an hour.

Like I said I couldn't help but post about this AWESOME deal because who knows who is out there that I haven't asked that needs a job and will love it as much as I do.

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