Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Ode to Us!

So tonight Emily got out her "diary" and decided to write a poem.(She pronounces it pom).

She actually wrote it in this order:
Sam is so cute;
Sam is so fun;
Sam is so adorable.

How cute is that!
Well, then she decided she needed me to write one about her.

Emi Roo, I love you;
You're smart, you're funny,
and wiggily too!
I love how you sing;
I love how you dance;
Oh look! I can see your underpants.

Then of course Sam needed one:

Sam, Sam my cute little man;
Of you I am the biggest fan.
I love your eyes;
I love your nose;
I love your wiggily, wiggily toes.
I think you're smart;
I think you're funny.
I'm so glad I can call you Sonny.

Then Emi wrote one for me:

Mommy is so cute when she laughs;
it looks like a fan. (?)
I like it when she comes in my room and tucks me up;
it makes me feel like I am sleeping in her bed next to her.
I like to hug mommy and I like to look at her;
So much fun!
We buy webkinz together.
I like my black webkin.
Mommy thought she was not very cute, (the webkin)
but now she is.

And for Daddy:

I like Daddy so much because he yo-yos,
and he can do it.
I love to hug him.
I love to kiss him.
I can do it, why can you not?

Then Sam's turn:

Emi, Emi you're cute and funny
because you're my little sister
and also funny, funny, funny!

Dear Daddy,
I like you because you practise baseball with me
and also you look great because you're my daddy.
Dear Daddy,
and also you take carry of me and also you care about me.
I can see your underwear from your moushies:
I can see your skin from your tushies.
In case its almost Father's Day I made something at school,
but it needs to dry.

Dear Mom,
I'm glad that you're my mom because you are my mom.
And also you are always silly and you are great because
you are always great!

Are we destined for authorship or what?


Horst said...

I can feel the love from here. I love the poems. I love the freedom of expression. I am so glad to get a glimpse into your lives. blogs rule.


kt roberts

Jessica said...

Very cute poems.

bcharrington said...

wow what a great memmory