Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day 08

I LOVE Memorial Day weekend! I grew up rising with the sun and going to a reunion of families and friends and long lost neighbors that took place at the Fairview cemetery just up the hill. I loved going and looking at all of the interesting headstones that told stories of people from the past. I loved hearing taps and the 21 gun salute performed by the local vets. I loved hearing the stories of grandparents and great grandparents, my great-uncle, Big Bal, who was killed at 24 in WWII just days before it ended. I loved visiting my Daddy...(Thanks Katie, for visiting this year and sharing pictures.

I loved how my life felt connected to the past. And...
I loved that it meant SUMMER!!! We were always out of school before Memorial Day. (None of this having to go back for another week and a half of hot classrooms.)
Needless to say I was giddy all weekend, despite the fact that I missed the reunion this year and my kids had school on Tuesday.
We started out the weekend planning and planting a little garden plot. You have to plant something on Memorial Day weekend or it is just not Memorial Day.

If you are interested in the commentary make sure you put your cursor on each picture.

Saturday we had two yards of topsoil delivered and the kids literally embraced the experience. When our neighbor Janine came over we laughed at Sam who was laying across the top of the pile hugging the dirt. They did a good job of helping us haul it to various parts of the yard and of trampling it down and giggling as it tickled their bare feet. We ended the day soaping up in a full tub of clean water.

Sunday we went to a neighborhood cookout and the kids played and of course got filthy.

Monday morning started with the South Euclid parade. Both Sam and Emily got to march with their baseball teams and were sooooooooo excited to finally get to throw candy at all of the parade watchers. We bought a giant Costco bag of Tootsie rolls and Laughy Taffies and it was gone before the parade was half over. Danny stayed with the kids and I walked on my own passing out Pampered Chef recipe cards with my info on them. I made 300 and also ran out before I had finished half of the parade. It must run in the family.
We ended the day at our house with a small cookout and a few friends and then again soaked our pigs in a warm soapy tub. I love SUMMER!!!


Hatsuho said...

your garden is cute, and it was fun to see you at the parade!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the BBQ. Loved seeing you in the parade. Awesome garden.