Monday, June 2, 2008

Preschool at the Park

On Wednesday, May 30th, I got to go on a Field Trip with Emily's Preschool class to a really cool Park, Prestin's Hope. It is totally handicap accessible and was built after the wish of a little boy who wanted to play with the other children at the park. You could imagine how hard that would be on most playgrounds if you are in a wheelchair. Anyway, It is incredible. Emily was so excited to go on a school bus. She also loved the little stage area that looks like a castle and had to perform, "A Dream Come True," an original impromptu screenplay by Emily Parks. It is hard to hear but she is singing about being beautiful and marrying a prince "tonight!"
She also enjoyed just spending time with her little friends.


Hatsuho said...

i love that playground, and emily is adorable!

The JL McGregor Family said...

Emily is so cute! Are your kids in sports through Selrec? (sp?)

Naomi said...

she is such a poser. Did you train her? so cute