Monday, June 2, 2008

Camouflage, Armor and Stuff

Last week after church Sam decided to get out his MACHINE NERF GUN that shoots ten repeated rounds and that Emily was his natural enemy that he should battle. He told her, "Emi get that dress off, this battle is only for Camouflage, Armor and Stuff."

The cute and obliging sister that she is obediently went up to change and I guess the pterodactyl suit was the closest thing she could find to camouflage.

Sam made sure that they both had on safety goggles, stored all of his extra ammo on the back of his vest and then they had the following conversation.

Emi: "What about me? I need some bullets!"
Sam: "Okay but just one."
Emi: "Cool!"
Mom: ;-( "Sam if you are going to battle your little sister you have to do a better job at sharing."
(Did I actually say that? I have never been one to stifle their imaginations but when I actually see it in black and white it looks like one more mother of the year moment to add to me resume ((And now I am speaking with an Irish accent)) :-)
I think she ended up with 3 rounds compared to his 17.

They ended up spending a lot more time preparing for the battle then on the actual battle itself. Emily was a little too smart to stick around after the first ten rounds went off.


Brandon and Carly said...
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Brandon and Carly said...

I don't know what I am doing! I was just trying to edit my comment!

Anyway -- I just wanted to tell you that protecting your sweet Emi form a near massacre is NOT stifling creativity! Big brothers and sisters sometimes need to be reminded that they are not the rule makers of play time -- they need to be fair and take turns. After they remember that, THEN they can be creative! :)

Jessica said...

I agree with Carly. Cute story about Emi compiling.