Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cubs Rocked the House!!!

Sam moved up from T ball to Mighty Mights (coach pitch) this year and it was awesome! He had the greatest coach and a lot of older teammates so he learned a ton, including silly chants and punching games. Several of his teammates were finishing up 3rd grade and he just finished up Kindergarten so they taught him how to act like a big boy and a little more controlled.

At the beginning of the year, during picture day, the President of the league took every team aside to tell them all of the cool things about their team. Cool things like the years they won the World Series and all of the famous players that had played with the same name written across their jersey.

The league doesn't officially keep score during the regular season but unofficially Sam's team went undefeated. After the regular play they have a single elimination tournament and the cubs came out on top. I was in Chicago for Pampered Chef Conference and was sad to miss the championship game, but since I was in the windy city - home of the Cubs, I was able to bring him back a bear in a jersey and a pennant.

Aggghhh Summer!!!

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