Sunday, October 5, 2008

Emily's Love/Hate Relationship With T-ball

Emily has good memories of playing T-ball and being a Cleveland Indian this year. She liked her coach and kept us updated all of the time on what coach Sara wore every practice and game. She was especially impressed with Sara's sporty skirts. She loved that coach Sara chased them around the field after the games pretending to be a monster.

She loved the snacks. She loved the uniforms. She loved to hit the ball, catch the ball, chase the ball and play first base.

She hated all of the waiting that comes with playing T-ball and coped by rolling around in the grass, drawing pictures in and sifting the dirt, finding more rocks for her growing rock collection and sometimes chasing little boys on her team. A couple of them really liked her and I think she enjoyed stringing them along. Sometimes she enjoyed their attention and other times she just completely ignored them.


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