Sunday, October 5, 2008


While we were staying in Cheyenne this summer we took a side trip to Vedauwoo (Veeduh Voo). It is seriously one of the most amazing places on earth. It is a small mountain range made up of boulders that vary in size from a watermelon to a giant apartment building all stacked up on each other. It is amazing how some of the boulders balance on just one small base stone.

Giant boulders and mosquitos. I am sweet so they eat me alive :-)

This was one of the places that both Danny and I spent a lot of time at when we were going to the University of Wyoming. We went there to camp, climb, explore and have bonfires. It was super fun to take our kids there and they loved it as much as we had. Every climb was unique. Once when we were dating we went out to climb. We had to go up a chimney and several other vertical climbs and ended up finding a cave that was made by three giant rocks that were resting on each other. It had a sunroof and when we crawled through a small gap on our stomachs there was a ledge that dropped straight down that we hung our legs over. This place is so cool!

We drove up with Danny's parents to roast hotdogs and make smores.

It was fun to look for shapes in the rocks, like you would with clouds. When we first got there I found one that looked like a monkey with its eyes closed and Emi added that she thought it was wearing a princess hat. That is all it took to get Sam's imagination going and he started seeing Indian warriors everywhere. By the time we left and for weeks afterwards he would share stories with us about the Vedauwoo Warriors that lived before dinosaurs and turned to rock. At one point he wanted to be a Vedauwoo warrior for halloween. (How in the world do you make a rock warrior for a kid to wear? I had set my mind on it but was relieved when he changed his mind and decided to be Indiana Jones. Whew!!!)

This is what Vedauwoo looks like from I-80. Next time you happen to be driving on I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming look for the sign and get out to stretch your legs and hike a little bit. You seriously won't regret the time you spend.

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