Sunday, October 5, 2008

Westward Ho!

The next couple of posts are going to journal what we did on our family vacation this summer.

We started on our trip on July 18th by snuggling into our loaded van and setting out for a 20 hour trip to Grandma and Grandpa Parks in Cheyenne Wyoming.

We stopped in the middle of Iowa after a 10 hour drive and checked into a Holiday Inn with a pool. We went and found a Mexican Restaraunt for a yummy dinner and then spent a couple of hours swimming. The kids were so excited to be in a hotel and loved jumping from bed to bed. We crashed pretty early.
After another 10 hours in the car we reached Cheyenne and the comforts of Danny's parents house.

Sam was super excited to see some of Danny's old toys and was way impressed that his dad used to play with legos.

It was Frontier Days in Cheyenne which means lots of things to do with a Wild West Theme.

Emily is sitting on one of the giant cowboy boot art that is scattered through the city.
We went to a pancake breakfast where they fed over 9000 people in an hour and a half. We got in a line that was a couple of blocks long and never stopped walking. When we got close someone handed us a plate, another a napkin and fork, another put pancakes on our plate that where literally being flipped off of several chuckwagons from both sides and caught by teens holding giant cookie sheets. Someone then slathered butter ontop and poured syrup from a jug, another put ham on the side and then we were handed milk for the kids and water for the adults. This is all done why you just continue to walk forward. We were barely in line for 5 minutes. It was crazy and the pancake were divine.

After breakfast we went to an awesome magician show at the library. Cheyenne's library is ranked #1 in the nation and is awesome. The books scan themselves on a little conveyor belt that sorts them to be reshelved. It has tons of computers and a place where kids can play and make movies and many, many more things.

We also went to a parade with over 400 horses (that doesn't happen in Cleveland) and my kids were in awe. We saw the Native Americans dance in the Indian Village and Sam picked out a bow and arrow and Emi chose a pony ride on Cowboy.

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Beth said...

You did some pretty great advertising for Frontier days, maybe some year we should go . . . . .

Great posts. I loved the Vedawoo photos also.