Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sam - o - Lantern

On Monday, October 13th Sam lost his first tooth at exactly 7 years 4 months old. Kind of late but he's on a roll with two more wiggly guys in that mouth. He should have a great toothy or toothy-less grin for Halloween!

I love how you can see just how excited he is. This was a long time coming for him.

The craziest thing though is the adult tooth grew in behind the babytooth in just a couple of days before it fell out. That new tooth has already moved forward into its place and the next one is doing the same thing.
He put his tooth under his pillow with not a lot of faith that anything would really happen. The next morning he got a funny look on his face, said, "Oh, the tooth fairy!" then ran back to his bed. When he found the money under his pillow we heard him say, "Hmmm, I guess she is real. Maybe next time she'll bring me legos."


Sherrie said...

So funny! I love how excited they get to lose their teeth and have the tooth fairy come! :) Tay's teeth fell out late too. :) He just lost his second top one...and has a toothless grin.

Beth said...

So is that tooth that grows in behind a family thing? Bryn had two of those before she lost the first one on the bottom. They literally pushed their way in. Crazy to see it happen.

Glad the fairy is in business--Have a great weekend

Brandon and Carly said...

That's so funny. Speaking as a dentists wife, who has no formal training of her own :) , I will let you know what happened. It depends on how long they wait to "pull" their baby tooth out! Both of my older kids refused to wiggle and loosen up their baby teeth until the other tooth was almost all the way through. If they did it the old fashioned way like we did (pliers, door knobs, etc.) they would be pulling the tooth out before the other one was up. I think it is pretty funny when they wait, because then they never have a space. Funny kids!!!

bcharrington said...

How funny! Jed just started loosing his and he is almost 9 yrs old :)

Jake and Nicole said...

Yea! That's so exciting! Your kids make good pictures, they always have fun expressions on their faces!