Monday, October 6, 2008

Playground of Possibilities

The Week of September 22-29 I participated in building a new playground for my city. It is called "Playground of Possibilities," because it was planned by children and built to be accessible to all children, including those in wheelchairs. The architects came to the city schools and our community center to ask the kids what they wanted. Sam got to participate and told them that there had to be a twirly slide. The scarecrow idea came from a little boy in the special ed class at our elementary school and the whole class got so excited about it that they knew they had their theme.

This is one of the coolest playgrounds I have ever seen and it was super fun and empowering to get to help with the build. I got to frame, use power saws, rauters and drills. I helped make the boards look like brick, assemble the tops of the towers, drill the Scarecrow and his corn and Tin-woodsman and his trees in place just to name a few of the more noticable things I got to do. The best thing was getting to know more people from the community. I put faces to names of all the council members, police cheif, some firemen, community center directors and lots of the older residents of our community that came most days from 8 to 8.
Sorry some of the pictures on the slide show are sideways. Our computer, though new, is shot(I hate that Windows Vista >:( It shuts down Windows Explorer every time we try to flip anything around.

The park won't be usable for a couple more weeks or until the rubber ground cover gets laid down.
The best part is that it is less then a block from my house.WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brandon and Carly said...

What a neat idea, and a fun opportunity!!! Yea for you for helping - - and yea that it is so close to your house!!!

Sherrie said...

Sarah, I think that park looks so great, but the best part is that you helped to build it! That is awesome! And Emmi is hilarious. I loved her huge fish on the driveway...and don't you just love what they pick up on and come home with. Sometimes you wonder where they hear these things at!

bcharrington said...

Good Job, I'm so impress with all your talents